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Weather causing delays

RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer NBP-1102/S04P Weekly Scientific Report 03, 10 March 2011 from Jim Swift, SIO, Chief Scientist and Alex Orsi, TAMU, Co-Chief Scientist ca. 67°S, 153.6°W 0030 Z (1430 local) -0.8 degC (31 degF) winds 11 knots from S on station 041 The storm which stopped our work last Thursday morning finally abated early [...]

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When you see the Southern Cross for the first time

Some amazing photos from the southern oceans. Those of us who stay at home in warmer, dryer climates often think of the polar regions as stark and bare – but in fact the southern oceans teem with life and breath taking images. Alex sent these photos today for us.

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